How to hire USA Investor Visa Attorney?

Investor Visa armors the foreign investors with Green card i.e. it provides the alien investors along with their partners and children under 21, the opportunity to be the lawful permanent residents of USA.

Investor Visa Attorney in VA | DC | MD

Investor Visa Attorney in VA | DC | MD

The investors become permanent US residents after holding the green card for five consecutive years. Obtaining US investor visa is a very perilous task and it is always recommended to hire a credible investor visa attorney very perilous task and it is always recommended to hire a credible investor visa attorney, who is experienced and efficient to handle the case and as well acknowledged about each and every detail and step involved in the application process. Obtaining US investor visa requires, your diligence and intelligence and experience on your lawyer’s part. So before hiring an investor visa attorney, look up for below listed details:

  • Contacting AILA (American Immigration Law Association) can be proved highly beneficial for locating a credible investor visa attorney. It is national bar association having over 7,500 attorneys practicing immigration law practice only. To approach an attorney through AILA, you may visit their website, call or email them. They will not only provide you with the best attorney within your area but also according to your specific requirements.
  • Visit ABA’s (American Bar Association) website. ABA is a national bar association with more than 400,000 attorneys, practicing in different law fields. This website provides you general information regarding US legal system and will also help you hire an attorney accordingly.
  • USCIS(United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) website may also be very beneficial and helpful to you in locating an investor visa attorney, as this website is linked up with various external resources and provides you the access to the same.
  • Consider whether the attorney primarily and promptly practices and has mastered  immigration law i.e. he must be an expert in US Immigration and Nationality law and should be well versed in all the nuances and complexities related to it.
  • Determine whether the attorney whom you want to hire  can make complex terms and conditions of investor visa application clear to you. In other words, filing for investor visa requires lot of paper work and most of the terms and conditions mentioned in the papers are in legal language that are not comprehensible to an average person. Only a diligent attorney can make and relay these terms clearly to an applicant and can judge whether or not an applicant is eligible to apply for the investor visa and if he is, then what steps should be taken to file his visa application.
  • Probe, whether he can regularly update you regarding your legal progress through either through mailing or by contacting you directly.
  • Every applicant has his own specific conditions and requirements to apply for investor visa i.e. every investor visa case is unique and exclusive in itself. So go for the attorney who can cater to your specific requirements and needs.
  • Make sure whether the fees charged by the attorney is in compliance with your geographical location and immigration matter. These two factors play vital role in discerning the fees of an attorney. Make inquiries about his initial consultation fees; if there is any, how much does he charge?
  • Also consider whether the attorney charges flat rate or hourly rate and if he charges flat rate, whether the miscellaneous items like mailing, copies are included or excluded and also if it incorporates the appeal for a pre-denied petition.
  • As USA immigration law is ever changing and complex, it is always wise and recommended to choose an attorney who is abreast with regular changes made in the law and always stays on top of those changes and counsels you accordingly.

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